Cable Locators

Cable Locators

We offer three intelligent ranges of cable locators, all will locate buried cables and pipes, however they are better suited for different conditions or tasks.

Leica Utilifinder+

The Leica UTILIFINDER+ has been designed to easily locate buried utilises around domestic properties.

Providing the perfect entry level instrument integrating ease of functionality with the latest digital detection technology, allowing the UTILIFINDER+ to provide the user with three utility search methods.
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i-Series Cable Locators - for avoiding

Cable avoidance the EZi way.

Robust professional range of cable location instruments providing an easy to use locators, ideal for use before excavation work to help you avoid striking a buried cable or pipe.
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xf-Series Cable Locators - for locating and tracing

Cable locating and tracing the EZi way.

Intelligent and easy to use locators, with additional frequencies ideal for tracing buried utilities over long distances.
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Leica ULTRA Precision Utility Tracing Instrument

Our most advanced precision utility tracing instrument

Configurable for challenging environments with over 100 programmable operating frequencies and incorporates Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM). The Leica ULTRA will easily locate and tracing buried utilities in complex and highly congested environments.
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