Cable Detection CE Conformity Declaration

Cable Detection CE Conformity Declaration

Cable Detection's products are delivered into the European Economic Area (EEA) and must comply with the directives of the European Community (EC). Some products must bear a CE mark, which indicates that these products comply with the EC directives.

For these products Cable Detection Ltd maintains a copy of the current CE-declaration document, which must be kept available on request for the EC authorities.

The date of issuing the CE-declaration corresponds with the initial release date. The document has to be updated in cases where new standards or major technical changes of the product take place.

The current version of these documents can be directly downloaded from the links below:

EZiCAT i500, i550, i600, i650, i500 xf, i550 xf, i600 xf and i650 xf

EZiCAT i700, i750 and i750xf

EZiTEX t100, t300, t100 xf and t300 xf

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GeoMax Branded Signal Transmitters


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