EZiCAT i750 SMARTREADY Cable Locator

EZiCAT i750 SMARTREADY Cable Locator

SMARTREADY Improved mobile flexibility

The EZiCAT i750 SMARTREADY is the first locator to communicate seamlessly through Bluetooth® with Apple and Android mobile devices.

Improved mobile flexibility allows the EZiCAT SMARTREADY locator to work with 94% of mobile devices, reducing restriction of use and strengthened fleet utilisation.


Capture with GPS/GNSS

The pioneering EZiCAT i750 SMARTREADY provides the latest digital locator technology, with on-board data storage and GPS/GNSS positioning.

Every second the data logging feature records the locators’ activity tagged with a geographical position. The recorded data can be uploaded in the field through a mobile device and sent back to the office for post processing analysis.


Transfer the data back via LOGiCAT VU

The instruments data can then be transferred via the LOGiCAT VU app back to the office. When processed through the office based LOGiCAT VU software, the data is useful to help identify training needs of users and for traceability of locating following a near miss, utility strike or similar inci-dent.


Automatic Detect

With all EZiCAT locators, there is no need to manually adjust the sensitivity controls. Cable Detec-tion’s EZiCAT locators automatically detect and adapt to signals coming from buried utilities. Simply switch on and detect.


Depth Measuring

The EZiCAT i750 & i750xf models feature utility depth indication, when used in conjunction with the EZiTEX signal transmitter or sonde. Operators can determine the depth of the buried utility down to 3 metres.


Be Aware of Shallow Utilities

Buried utilities close to the surface pose a safety risk to site works. The Hazard Zone function provides an additional warning of close proximity of buried services, alerting users to the immediate danger. This feature is standard on all models.



The EZiCAT i750 is ideal to use before any excavation work to avoid striking a buried utility, especially if you need an estimation of the depth of the utility. This locator will increase your on-site safety, save you time, through the unique 'Automatic Pinpointing' feature, and save you money by reducing cable strikes.

You can use the locator to detect a number of different cables or pipes:

  • Electricity cables
  • Data / telecomms cables
  • Conductive pipes (including; steel, cast iron etc.)
  • Non-conductive pipes or cables (including; clay, concrete etc.) when used in conjunction with Cable Detection's accessroies and/or EZiTEX signal transmitters to detect them.

Please Note: If you need an estimation of the depth of the utility you will need to use the EZiCAT i750 in conjunction with one of the EZiTEX signal transmitters.


EZiCAT i750 Intelligent Features

The intelligent EZiCAT i750 has integrated GPS technology and data logging capability, which helps you to see where, when and how the locator has been used. This is very useful to help identify training needs of users and for traceability of locating following a near miss, utility strike or similar incident.

The EZiCAT i750 has all the well-known features you need to locate buried utilities effectively, along with the unique 'Automatic Pinpointing' feature which makes locating buried cables and pipes easy and simple. You don't need to manually adjust the sensitivity of the locator because the intelligent locator does this for you. Ensuring theat you are using the optimum sensitivity for the environment you are locating in.

To access and analyse the data collected by the locator you will also need the LOGiCAT software or you will need to integrate the EZiCAT i750 with mobile mapping technology to log the survey data.


Network Rail Approved

All of Cable Detection's state of the art EZiSYSTEM series locators and signal transmitters are Network Rail approved. This means that Cable Detection are the only manufacturer whose entire range of locators and transmitters can be utilised on and around the Network Rail infrastructure.



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