Main Benefits

With the the EZiCAT i600 and i700 ranges of locators, managers can evaluate the instrument data through LOGiCAT VU.

LOGiCAT VU provides a clear picture of how the survey was conducted, develop evidence of best practice, support quality improvements and reduce buried utility strikes.


LOGiCAT VU app provides the onsite link

LOGiCAT VU app retrieves instrument data and transfers the log files to the Logicat VU PC software, normally based in the office.

A single mobile device can retrieve and transfer data from multiple EZiCAT locators.

This removes the need for field staff to return to the office every night, saving time, travel expenses and improving efficiency.


Evaluating data, Minimise risk

LOGiCAT VU Software is used to manage and analyse the data collected from EZiCAT locators. Anal-ysis of the data generated during a site survey builds a complete picture of how the work was under-taken.

Managers can evaluate if the survey was conducted to best practice, access operator performance, managers can minimise risk to excavation teams and potential costs by improving working practices.

Visualise instrument data on satellite images

With GPS enabled i700 locator, records of working co-ordinates are stored alongside usage data. Logicat VU can display field data overlaid on digital map and images. This clearly identifies the path of the buried utility and allows site engineers to avoid this potential hazard.


Extract your Data in Three Easy Steps


Download App

The LOGiCAT Android app can be downloaded from Google Play for FREE. Click here to download.


More Information

For more information on the LOGiCAT VU software, download our pdf brochure click here

If you would like a demonstration on GPS enables locators and LOGiCAT VU,
please contact us.


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