LOGiCAT VU Software

LOGiCAT VU Software

LOGiCAT VU software is used to manage and analyse the data collected from cable locating activities

Main Benefits

Capturing and monitoring data from cable avoidance tools, is a highly effective way to reduce buried utility strikes.

With the introduction of LOGiCAT VU software, fleet managers can now analyse activity data from one or more cable locators, verifying how the survey was conducted and if it has been undertaken to best practice.

Analysing data has helped managers improve cable locator usage, increased site safety through more effective use of cable locators during excavation, enhanced product familiarisation training and improved operator behavior.

LOGiCAT VU works with all EZiCAT i600 and i700 data logging instruments. The data can be downloaded via Bluetooth to the LOGiCAT VU software to enable quick analysis of cable locating activities. The data can then be used to identify training needs of users, develop reports of cable locating activities following a near miss or utility strike.


LOGiCAT VU software is free to download and free to use


Extract and Analyse Data

LOGiCAT VU software enables you to easily extract and upload stored data from your EZiCAT data logging and GPS cable locator(s), then analyse and report on the following traceable data:

  • GPS positioning of use* - Provides GPS data on where the cable locator has been used.
  • Time and date of use - Identifies when and at what time ground surveys were conducted.
  • Usage duration - Helps identify if the cable locating equipment has been used for a sufficient amount of time.
  • User identification - Makes users accountable for their actions and identifies those who need additional product training.
  • Detection mode used - Enables managers to analyse the quality and thoroughness of modes used.
  • Service detection - Discovers quickly if any buried ca-bles or pipes were detected during surveys.
  • Product Fleet Management - Displays and monitors the service and calibration dates of your locator fleet, ensuring they are kept in perfect working order and not being used when calibration is due.
  • Diagnostic Check - Displays locators which have failed the EST (Extended self-test) and removes them from the active fleet for immediate repair. This reduces the possibility of defective equipment being used on site.

For a quick and easy on-site data transfer solution to help reduce down time of your cable locating equipment check out the LOGiCAT Mobile App.

*EZiCAT i700 Series locators only.


Develop Comprehensive Reports


LOGiCAT VU PC software can be used to easily generate comprehensive reports on cable locating activities. These reports help you to identify user training requirements and can be used for traceability of locating activities following a near miss, utility strike or similar incident.

The reports available are:

  • Map show* - Shows where your i700 Series cable locator was used, including generation of KML files for compatible mapping software i.e. Google Earth.
  • Dashboard analysis reports - Provides analytical information on how the locator was used.
  • Summary report - Provides an overview of all locator downloaded log files.
  • Incident report - Provides detailed information on how a locator was used for a particular date and time.

*To develop a report showing the survey results within a map, a GPS enabled locators like the EZiCAT i750xf.


Download Software

The LOGiCAT VU software is free to download and free to use. Click to download


More Information

For more information on the LOGiCAT VU software, download our pdf brochure click here

For more information on our EZiCAT i700 GPS and data logging cable locators, download the brochure click here.

If you would like a demonstration on GPS enables locators and LOGiCAT VU,
please contact us.


LOGiCAT VU software is free to download and free to use


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