12 April 2016

LOGiCAT VU Software


Cable Detection has released the LOGiCAT VU Management and Monitoring System for analysing data from their range of EZiCAT locators.

LOGiCAT VU helps plant, fleet and site managers evaluate and analyse the data from one or more EZiCAT locators. Fleet managers can view of how the survey was conducted and if it has been undertaken to best practice.


LOGiCAT VU data evaluation drives down utility strikes
Analysis of the data generated during a site survey builds a complete picture of the operator and instrument performance. By evaluating the data, managers can minimise risk to excavation teams and potential costs by improving best practice.

LOGiCAT VU Software


LOGiCAT VU data can be exported to GIS and BIM System
The instruments data can be exported to a third party GIS and BIM software enhancing knowledge about sub-surface utilities for future excavation activities .


LOGiCAT VU app provides the onsite link to the office based system
LOGiCAT VU app retrieves instrument data and transfers the log files to the LOGiCAT VU windows pc software, normally based in the office.

“LOGiCAT VU has helped customers improve their understanding of operator behavior analysis, reducing utility strikes by up to 75%.” Comments Richard Fling, Business Development Manager, Cable Detection.


LOGiCAT VU is FREE to download, FREE to use and improves site safety!


For more information on LOGiCAT VU, please visit: LOGiCAT VU Software.

LOGiCAT VU Software


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