Cable Detection Service Centre

Cable Detection Service Centre

Repairs, Service & Calibration

Cable Detection’s specialist, experienced team provide a thorough high quality repair or service every time. With an unrivalled 4 day turnaround on your units you don’t have to worry about extensive downtime.

It’s recommended that the majority of cable locating equipment is serviced and calibrated every 12 months. We don’t just service our EZiCAT & EZiTEX products we service any kind of cable locator (CAT) or signal transmitter (Genny). See the box on the right for details on what cable locating products we can repair and service.

Collection & Delivery

UK Nationwide Collection & Delivery

We can arrange the collection and delivery of your CAT, genny or gas monitor anywhere in the UK for only £15 or for orders over 20 units for FREE.

What is included in your service?

You can be confident the repair, service or calibration will be thorough and high quality every time and includes:

  • Instruments fully stripped and cleaned
  • Old service labels are removed
  • New batteries and holders fitted
  • All mechanical components fully tested (including switches and knobs)
  • All modules, such as speaker assemblies and aerials, are stringently tested
  • Minor case damage repaired
  • Circuit boards, where possible, are fully calibrated to manufacturer specifications
  • Instruments tested in a real working environment

Additional benefits we provide

  • 30% off replacement parts
  • Reminder letter in 11 months

Authorised Service Partners

We also have a network of high quality authorised service partners across the UK. We recommend that any servicing performed on our EZiSYSTEM products is carried out by ourselves or one of our authorised service partners. Our partners are fully trained in using our specially engineered and patented service rig and software to service our products to a high quality. Any non-authorised service partners carrying out a service on our EZiSYSTEM range of products, without our specially engineered rig, is unlikely to deliver a service to the expected requirements. Therefore we wouldn't recommend this option. If you would like anymore information on our service partners in your area, please contact us.

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Products we repair and service

  • Digicat 100 & Digitex
  • Digicat 200 & Digitex
  • Digicat i-Series Locators & Digitex's
  • Digicat xf-Series Locators & Digitex's
  • EZiCAT 100 & EZiTRACE
  • EZiCAT 200 & EZiTRACE
  • EZiCAT i-Series Locators & EZiTEX's
  • EZiCAT xf-Series Locators & EZiTEX's
  • EZiDiG
  • Radiodetection CD CAT
  • Radiodetection ME CAT
  • Radiodetection MD Genny
  • Radiodetection GD Genny
  • Radiodetection CAT+ & Genny+
  • Radiodetection CAT3 & Genny3
  • Radiodetection 400 & Generator
  • C-Scope CAT & Generator
  • C-Scope XD CAT & Generator
  • LO-K8 & Generator

We also service the following gas monitors:

  • GMI Visa
  • Neotronics Impact
  • BW Microclip
  • BW Quattro