Leica ULTRA Signal Transmitters

Leica ULTRA Signal Transmitters

Leica Ultra Cable Locator

The Leica ULTRA signal transmitters complement our advanced range of Leica ULTRA Utility Tracing locators, providing the highest performance transmitter ideal for complex and challenging sites conditions.

The Leica ULTRA signal transmitter is supplied as a 5 Watt or 12 Watt model allowing for 100 customisable frequencies to be programmed into the instrument.

Transmitter to Receiver Link

When specifying the Leica ULTRA transmiter Advanced model, the operator can directly operate the Leica ULTRA signal transmitter from the Leica ULTRA receiver. The advanced wireless link allows the engineer to trace greater distances and help achieve improved results whilst reducing time spent walking to the transmitter.

Configure Your Working Frequencies

The Leica Ultra provides the user with the ability to choose from up to 100 different transmitter frequencies. Simply plug your signal transmitter into your computer and configure for site specific applications.

AIM Recommends Best Frequencies

Use the Leica Ultra AIM (Ambient Interference Measurement) function to determine the best frequencies for your application. Then use the ULTRA locator to remotely adjust the transmitters frequency.

Leica Ultra Cable Locator

Leica ULTRA Locator

The Leica ULTRA provides our most advanced precision utility tracing instrument, featuring intelligent signal processing to help save you time and increased confidence in your results. Click here to view information on the Leica ULTRA precision locator.

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